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League of Legends Mods

NOTICE: In order to use these mods, you must use the LCS Mod Manager, available here ( link). Any other program that is either in use or may appear in the future is not compatible with my mods.

How to Use This Page

To easily search for mods, press Ctrl + F (Windows) or Cmd + F (Mac) and then type in your search.

  • The mod name

  • The original author of the mod (I update abandoned mods too!)

  • When it was originally released by me (DD/MM/YYYY)

  • The current version of the mod

  • Whether or not it works on the current version of League of Legends

Installation Instructions & Disclaimer

Please read the following page thoroughly. It contains instructions (with pictures!) on how to choose the correct mod language, and how to install it in LCS. It also contains a copyright disclaimer for my updated mods.

If you have any issues with the mods (any errors, crashing, muted VOs) feel free to reach out to me in the Modasaurus Archive Discord.

My user page on Runeforge can be found here.

Mod NameAuthorSkinVersionUpdated?Preview
Battle Boss Qiyana VoiceTriColorStarBattle Boss1.1Yes (?)Link
Soaring Sword Fiora VoiceTriColorStarBase VO1.1Yes (?)Link
Star Guardian Ahri AnnouncerJessibeeN/A1.8Yes (?)Link
Star Guardian Ezreal VoiceTriColorStarBase VO1.2YesLink
Star Guardian Janna VoiceTriColorStarBase VO1.2YesLink
Star Guardian Lulu VoiceTriColorStarBase VO1.2YesLink
Star Guardian Lux VoiceTriColorStarBase VO1.2YesLink
Star Guardian MF AnnouncerTriColorStarN/A1.2YesLink
Star Guardian MF VoiceTriColorStarBase VO1.2YesLink
Star Guardian Neeko VoiceTriColorStarBase VO1.2YesLink
Star Guardian Poppy VoiceTriColorStarBase VO1.2YesLink
Star Guardian Soraka VoiceTriColorStarBase VO1.2YesLink
Star Guardian Syndra VoiceTriColorStarBase VO1.2NoLink
Star Guardian Zoe VoiceTriColorStarStar Guardian1.2YesLink

Disclaimer for Updated Mods

I am not the original author of any mods that have a specified mod author, I only updated them so that they work again in the newest version of League of Legends. The original author is always listed on the mod table, and I will always make it clear that I am not the original author.If the original author wants their mod(s) to be taken down from this site, or any other sites on which I am hosting them, I will take them down again as quick as I can.Mod authors can contact me in the Modasaurus Rose Discord server, or the RuneForge Discord server.

Mod Installation Instructions

Most of my downloads are Google Drive downloads. These downloads present you with a folder format and ask you to select which file to download. Right-Click on the mod that you wish to download and select "Download" from the menu that appears.

For Voice Pack Mods:
You must download the mod that is of the same language as your League of Legends installation or you will get errors!
The best way of checking this is to go to:
\League of Legends\Game\DATA\FINAL\Champions
There will be two files for each champion. Champion.wad.client and Champion.xx\_XX.wad.client.
The mod that you want to download will have the same region code as your champion files. For example, in the picture, my region is en_US so I would download the mod that contains en_US.

About the Modasaurus Archive

The Modasaurus Archive started out as a folder on Google Drive that I kept all of the mods that I created and updated in. I decided shortly after I got a bit of popularity on KillerSkins to create my own project website as one of my final projects in my university classes.
Now, the Modasaurus Archive is your one-stop shop for all of my mods for (eventually) a number of different games. I appreciate all the support and kind comments that I receive, and wish you all luck in whatever you do!

Jessibee | @buzzyjessibee | Owner and Coder